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his blog post is an excerpt from Bob Klosterman’s book, “The Four Horsemen of the Investor’s Apocalypse,” and has been edited for formatting purposes. What Works for Investing “Rory Corrigan, planning associate at White Oaks Wealth Advisors, Inc. in Minneapolis, likes to say, ‘Never love something that can’t love you back.’ This statement is clearly appropriate beyond the investing world, but is especially relevant with regard to investing. Frequently, I encounter people who have attached themselves emotionally to their investments. ‘That stock got me where I am today,’ or ‘My dad (mom, grandfather, aunt, uncle) gave me that as a gift.’ The ultimate truth is that you may care, but clearly the stock, company, or building does not give a whit in any shape, manner, or form about your feelings. It is always helpful to be emotionally detached from investments and investing decisions. Most bad investment decisions are emotional ones. Save your emotional attachment for someone who can love you back. The investment won’t! Story Lines One of the challenges for investors is that there is an exciting story for every investment idea. No story… no reason to take action. No exceptions! As human beings we all like ‘stories’ and the story is often compelling. Unfortunately, in reality, there are at least two story lines and likely multiple stories for each investment. Determining which stories are realistic is often challenging and part of an intelligent due-diligence process. I always like a good story, but when it comes to investing, I need to discount the story, no matter how compelling it is, because the value is what will pay me back, not the story. Ultimately, the relative value in context with similar investment opportunities is paramount in sifting out the ‘story’ from reality.” The Investor’s Apocalypse This excerpt outlines some important points regarding the decision to make investments, keep them, change them, and so on and so forth. It’s dangerous to hold sentimental value in something inanimate because that is not going to generate value for you in any way, nor will it help your family and avoid you from losing wealth. Realistically, as mentioned above, it’s the value of your portfolio that’s going to pay you back, not the story attached to it. Creating and fostering a high-probability portfolio takes, as referenced from the book again, the following: “1. Valuations--not paying too much for an asset; Diversification--not believing you are so smart that you ‘know’ the best investment; Rebalancing--a process to sell high and buy low on a regular basis” To learn more and get another free preview of Bob’s book, we invite you to check it out on Amazon or peruse some of our other resources that will be of use to you when deciding how to invest with the greatest probability of success.

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Bob Klosterman, founder and CEO of White Oaks Investment Management, has written a new book titled “The Four Horsemen of the Investor’s Apocalypse,” which will teach you about the four evil forces in the market today and help you combat them to build a successful investment portfolio.

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