Who We Serve

Serving Clients Globally from Minnesota and Florida.

The Outsourced Chief Investment Officer services through White Oaks Investment Management helps institutions and families put sound investing into practice.

Endowment Chief Investment Officer

Foundations and Endowments

Large foundations and endowments like Yale or Harvard have the resources to hire dedicated teams of professionals to manage funds. This is often true of the large organizations, and while a smaller organization’s passion and zeal may lead to a large fund, there exist barriers to access, oversight, and due diligence when larger funds have teams of experienced professionals who manage full-time. Our services will enable those resources to be directed toward your funds.

Non-Profit Chief Investment Officer


If non-profits have been successful in delivering the message and mission of the organization, and donors have responded, there is money to manage. At some point, the size of the fund and the responsibilities associated with it grow beyond the skill set and comfort level of staff and/or volunteers. This is where the White Oaks Outsourced Chief Investment Officer services can step in.

Families Chief Investment Officer


Families with multi-generational wealth face the challenge of meeting the needs and expectations of various family members. A White Oaks Outsourced Chief Investment Officer engagement will bring the process objectivity and communication tools to meet goals and expectations to effectively increase accessibility to unique investment offerings that can be difficult to obtain.